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Welcome to my embroidery space, where creativity knows no bounds.  This is my spot to paint with threads and share my creations with my embroidery friends.  Digitizing now for over five years, I can't imagine being without my machine and computer. I always keep pen and paper on hand as I never know when an idea is going to pop into my head.

My favourite part about being a digitizer, is not only about creatively turning ideas and pictures into works of thread art, but definately about making all the wonderful friends I have online. Every morning, the first thing I do before even making a cup of coffee, is go through to my sewing room and switch on my computer to download my e-mails.  I get a lot of e-mails every day, but what gets my day starting on the right track are the e-mails I get from my embroidery friends. Often enough its just the inspiration I need!

Creating quality designs is important to me. My designs are created using Wilcom and Bernina embroidery software. I also use Buzz Explore.  

When I'm not in my sewing room, you are most likely to find me in the kitchen cooking up something or other! Having a sweet tooth, I must admit, my absolute favourite to make is a moist chocolate cake topped with caramel. As for making other dishes, I just love to try out something new.

And finally what would a home be without pets?  I have two adorable cats who spend their time coming in and out my sewing room through the window. In the mornings, I'll come through to my sewing room only to find one of them waiting for me on my chair. Both my cats love to sleep on my sewing table when they aren't outside catching grasshoppers!

Do take a look around my site and enjoy your stay.

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