These designs stitch out nicely on craft paper to make that special card. These have a low stitch count making them quick to stitch out.  I used handmade craft paper but as an alternative to craft paper, a good quality cut away stabilizer can also be used.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see just how easy it is to make these cards.


For the 4x4 & 5x7 hoop

(The Color Chart is included in the download files.)


Instructions to make these cards

Hoop a layer of tearaway stabilizer.  Cut a piece of craft paper the size of the hoop and spray it with temporary ahesive.  Press it into place.


I used a large hoop and packed two designs into one hooping.  This saves on the craft paper.  Stitch out the designs.  Remove from hoop and cut around the design through both the tearaway and craft paper.

Take an A5 sheet of card (or an A4 cheet cut in half) and fold in half.  It must be larger than the embroidered front.





Turn the design over so the wrong side faces up.  Cut pieces of double-sided tape and place on the card front as above.



Peel off the second side of the tape and place the card front onto the card.






Using decorative craft scissors, cut around the card front or the edges just to decorate.  Add glitter glue or scrapbooking ribbons and flowers to finish!



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