Traditional Carrickmacross Lace is a form of lace that may be described as decorated net. The lace is made up of netting, muslin and needle lace. It was first introduced into Ireland in about 1820. It was taught to the local women so that they could earn some extra money. Today it is widely used on bridal gowns, lingerie and clothing.

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With the Machine Carrickmacross Lace designs and our tutorial, you will be able to create your very own Carrickmacross Lace which can be used on many items of clothing and home décor.

Please look at the colorcharts for the stitch counts as well all the design sizes.

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Design 1: 5.07x9.06 inches; 29,671 stitches

Design 2: 8.35x3.90 inches; 14,771 stitches

Design 3: 5.07x5.69 inches; 14,295 stitches

Design 4: 5.07x5.23 inches; 20,945 stitches

Design 5: 2.52x3.07 inches; 5,851 stitches

Design 6: 4.55x3.99 inches; 12,026 stitches

Click Here To View The Color Chart

(Please save the Color Chart. It is not included in the download files)


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