Entredeux is used for many things - from attaching tape lace to fabric or just to add decorative interest to heirloom sewing. With our unique stitch and a wingneedle, you can now create beautiful Continuous Heirloom Entredeux on you home embroidery machine. There are 6 widths of matching Continuous Heirloom Entredeux in each set so you can create a matching ensemble.The best part of these designs is that there is NO cutting of small bits of fabric as other entredeux designs. These designs are really qwik to create. Doing heirloom embroidery couldn't be easier with these designs.

Done for the 5"x7" hoop

Please check the colorcharts for stitch count and sizes

Use our full photo lesson to get you started on creating your Continuous Heirloom Entredeux!!!

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Get The Color Chart Below The Set.


(This Color Chart is not included in the download files. Please be sure to save it.)


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