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Adding a tulle lace neckline and edging to a tank top, cami, t-shirt, prom dresses, bridal dresses or any other garment is the easiest way to decorate it. I found several tops in my cupboard that needed just this. These designs are really fast to stitchout as they have low stitch counts making them production friendly. They are also really soft once the stabilizer is soaked out. They are soft enough to add to pj's or a nightgown. These designs also stitch out great on poly cotton, so you can now create lovely continuous cotton lace edgings. If you love using hotfix crystals as much as I do, you can add them to these designs as well. When adding hotfix crystals be sure to use a non stick craft sheet under the tulle as well as on top of the hotfix crystals when ironing them on. You could also glue or sew on beads or pearls. This design set has the neckline, large edging and a single edging piece. The tulle lace edging is used in the same way as any store bought tulle edging. Make the length you require. Should you need it shorter, just cut and edge it as you would any store bought tulle edging. To sew the neckline on, you can either hand sew it on or use your sewing machine with a matching thread to your garment. You would apply the tulle edging in the same way.

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Done for the 6x10 hoop.

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