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Pastielle Embroidery is my own new style and technique of digitizing. As a child I loved playing with oil pastels and just loved the effect they created. The oil pastels create an uneven texture with a little of the paper showing through. With this in mind, my new Pastielle style and technique creates a textured embroidery design which allows a little of the fabric to show through. The technique allows for delicate shading and NO "bullet proof" designs. Use a soft cutaway stabilizer and a soft shade of fabric when stitching these designs. Personally, I prefer a white or cream fabric. Strong colors will detract from the design and will not show the designs true shading and detail. I used matching shades for these designs. Choose shades that aren't too close to each other. The color charts provided are done in Marathon thread. These designs to have a few jump stitches so trim as you go.



For the 5x7 hoop

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