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Don't you just hate having scratched CDs?  They lie around and get scratched or misplaced, well no more.  The CD Holder Books are designed to not only protect your favourite CDs but also make storing them easy.  Colour code your CD Holder Books using a different coloured tassle.  They are easy to flip through as the rings used for binding them are large and these books are easy to close - no fussing with a fastener or zip.  Most of my CDs end up lying around my sewing room so these are just what I needed to organise them.  Another great feature to them is the built-in flap on the CD sleeve preventing the CD from falling out, so these will also work well in your car.  You'll never have to worry about your CDs falling out in the cubby hole or glove compartment and getting damaged.


For the 5x7 hoop

The color chart is included in the download files.


The CD sleeve with the built-in flap to prevent your CDs from falling out


The easy-to-close elastic!  This elastic is on the back cover and flips over to the front cover holder the book closed!

Use shades of pinks, yellows, greens and blues - colours of your choice.No more fussing with zips and fasteners. The Floral CD Holder Book Collection




How to make these CD Holder Books

For the Front and Back Cover

Hoop up a single layer of cutaway stabilizer.  Stitch the first colour.  Colour stops have been put in so the machine will stop inbetween


Use temporary adhesive spray and lightly spray a piece of thin batting and satin.  Place them onto the stitched area.


Stitch the quilting and motif for the front cover and just the quilting for the back cover.  Once stitched, remove the hoop from the machine and place a piece of satin fabric to the underside of the hoop.  Stitch the second to last colour.


Remove hoop from the machine and trim away excess fabric from both sides of the hoop.  Stitch the last colour.



For the CD Sleeves - Make as many as you like.  I made 10 per book.

Hoop a single layer of cutaway stabilizer.  Stitch the first colour.


Remove the hoop from the machine and cut away the inside of the stitched area being carefull not to move the stabilizer.  I used a sharp pair of scissors and a craft knife for this.


Put the hoop back into the machine and slide a piece of cutaway stabilizer under the hoop.  Stitch the remainder of the design.  Cut the design out one stitched



Assembling the Cover

I used a hollow punch and a hammer to remove the holes - this goes really quickly.  These are readilly available at most hardware shops.  Otherwise a pair of sharp scissors will also do the job.


Cut out the holes on the front and back covers as well as on the cd sleeves.


Using curtain rings that open, bind the cover and sleeves.  Thread a thin piece of elastic through the two edge holes on the back cover and tie the ends together.  This flips over onto the front cover and holds the book closed.  Put a tassel onto the last ring of the book to decorate.


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