This set consists of 6 bowls and 6 matching doilies. They are all exquisitely embroidered on silk fabric. The brocade designs are timeless and have an elegance suited for most occassions. These make perfect gifts and are well suited to enhance most bedrooms, guest rooms and bathrooms, lounges and entrance halls. To create a cheval set, simply stitch out an extra doily centre to use as the smaller doily or doilies. This makes a perfect dressing table set.

TS365 020TS365 021

TS365 022TS365 023


TS365 019


Bowl and matching Doily 1

TS365 001

TS365 002TS365 003


Bowl and matching Doily 2

TS365 004

TS365 005TS365 006


Bowl and matching Doily 3

TS365 007

TS365 008TS365 009


Bowl and matching Doily 4

TS365 010

TS365 011TS365 012


Bowl and matching Doily 5

TS365 013

TS365 014TS365 015


Bowl and matching Doily 6


TS365 016

TS365 017TS365 018


Doily size:  310 mm / 12.24 inches

Bowl size - top diameter:  240 mm / 9.5 inches

Done in the 5" x 7" hoop


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