Finding place to store both bobbins and pins is always a hassle. I end up mis-placing many a bobbin and end up with pins on my desk. Well, these cute n friendly flower pincushion and bobbin holders do both jobs in one. They are sure to bring happiness and a smile to your sewing room. They are super easy to create. Each piece is made in hoop. I used invisible thread on my sewing machine to put them together and a little hand whip stitch to close the open-ings. The to put the flower face onto the petals, a few dots of hot glue will do the trick.

TS1394 main1

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TS1394 main3TS1394 main4

TS1394 main5TS1394 main7

TS1394 main8TS1394 main9

For the 5"x7" hoop.

(please check the colorcharts for each design size and be sure it fits your embroidery field)

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