Kids will just love these for Halloween or that themed children’s party. Girls and boys will have fun wearing these. The best part is that these are really quick and easy to make. Each piece is made and lined in the hoop. Each mask is made up of two pieces. The finished size is 7” x 7”. If you have a large hoop, you can place both pieces in the hoop. Once both pieces are made, just use your sewing machine and a zig-zag stitch and sew the two pieces together. It’s that easy.

TS1397 main1

Finished size of each mask is 7"x 7"

TS1397 main2TS1397 main3

There are 6 Sugar Skull Masks in this set.

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TS1397 main4TS1397 main5

TS1397 main6TS1397 main7

TS1397 main8TS1397 main9

For the 5"x7" hoop.

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