These are so fast to create. With only 1000 - 3500 stitches to a purse, you can have a variety of these stitched in next to no time. Each purse is done in ONE HOOPING ONLY. Yes, the zip, lining and pocket is ALL DONE IN-HOOP. There are NO RAW EDGES inside giving them a proffessional finish - perfect for a craft stall.

There are 8 decorative finishes in this set. They are perfect to hold a small ipod and earphones, contact lense holders, eye drops and dental floss, chapsticks, USB Sticks, money, jewellery and even a sewing kit. They can even be used to hold hair barrettes and clips. They have lots of uses.There is also a pocket (optional) at the back to hold a folded tissue. With our full photo instruction to show you how, these are a breeze to create!!!

The Color Chart & Instructon Is Included In the Download Files


The stitching area of each purse is 3.89 inches x 3.63 inches

Please check your stitching area before purchasing.

There will be no refunds.

Colorcharts and Instructions are in the download file.


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