TS365 020

This set consists of 6 bowls and 6 matching doilies. They are all exquisitely embroidered on silk fabric. The brocade designs are timeless and elegant!

For the 5x7 hoop.

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EW087 001

Pyramid purses are super easy to create and best of all they stitch out in no time. Personalize them with names, monograms, appliques or cute pictures. You will never need another pyramid purse design again. The possibilities are endless! Each purse is fully lined.

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EW088 001

ITH zippered purses are so easy to create. These purses are fully lined and there are NO RAW EDGES. They are also made ENTIRELY IN THE HOOP so there is NO EXTRA SEWING. Yes, no extra sewing! Each purse is made in just 1 HOOPING. 

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For Only: $6.00!!!

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