EW099 001

Angels are liked by everyone. Cheerful and loveable, these cute angels sure bring their message across. These delightful angels are made ITH. 


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EW104 001

Every little girl loves dolls and even more so a prinecess. There is nothing nicer than having your very own princess doll to play with. This adorable felt princess is super easy to make. Done for the 6x10 hoop


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TS1431 main

This quilted pocket zipper purse is made entirely in the hoop. It is fully lined and no raw edges. It is made in two hoopings. 

I used thin batting, but if you want a softer quilted purse, you can use fleece instead of batting. 

The zipper is also put into the purse in the hoop. This purse design comes in 4 sizes:

5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and 8x8 hoop 


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TS1432 001

These quilted flying geese zipper purses are really easy to make. They are completely made in the hoop. A little hand stitching is used to close the opening in the lining. Each purse is made in 1 hooping. There are No Raw Edges. These are great for gifts, craft stores or for your own personal use. These purses are perfect for cosmetics, jewelry, tissues, pencils, hair accessories, sewing accessories, band aids and cream, cellphone chargers and cables and many other items. 

There are 5 graduated sizes in this set:

5x7, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9 and 6x10


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TS1434 001

Chenille designs are so much fun to create. They come out soft and fluffy and the best part is that the more they are washed and dried, the fluffier they get! 

These designs are done using raw edge applique and then the edges are finished off with a decorative stitch. The chenille technique is then applied to create the soft and fluffy design.

Done for the 5"x 7" hoop


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TS1437 main 600x600

Santa Hug Pockets are by far the cutest way to give a gift this Christmas. The pieces are made in the hoop. Pieces are then added to the pocket with snap fasteners. The applique technique is used to create these adorable Santas. They stitch out really quickly are perfect to give sweets, hot chocolate or coffee sachets, gift cards and many other gifts.

Done for the 5” x 7”  hoop / 130mm x 180mm


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