EW089 001

In the hoop purses are super easy to make. This set of In The Hoop Purses are made ENTIRELY IN THE HOOP. Each purse is made in 1 HOOPING. They are fully lined and there are NO RAW EDGES. There is also NO EXTRA SEWING. These purses have a mini front pocket that closes with a zipper. The mini pocket and purse bottom is quilted.

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EW098 001

Done for the 5x7, 6x10 and 7x11 hoops.

 Halloween is always a fun time of the year and having novel ways to hand out candy, just adds to teh enjoyment of "Trick or Treating". These super cut bat treat cones are really easy to make. These don't have to be used just for halloween, but also for fun themed birthday parties too.


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EW099 001

Angels are liked by everyone. Cheerful and loveable, these cute angels sure bring their message across. These delightful angels are made ITH. 


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EW104 001

Every little girl loves dolls and even more so a prinecess. There is nothing nicer than having your very own princess doll to play with. This adorable felt princess is super easy to make. Done for the 6x10 hoop


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