Beautiful Lace Belt


by Cherry


Cherry said: Hi Colleen,

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of a belt that I made for our granddaughter's wedding dress.  I used Floriani metallic thread and added Sworski crystals in just a few places.  I only had two breaks in all three pieces.  Says a lot for the design and how well it was digitized, especially using metallic thread.

The belt is a satin fabric that matched her father's tie and her future husband's vest and tie.  I used the button stitch on my machine to tack the FSL to be fabric.  By using the same metallic thread, no one could even see where it was sewn onto the fabric.

Everyone was very impressed with the look and it was far less expensive for me to make it than to buy one that was not near as nice.

Thank you for all your gifts.  I have purchased a lot of your designs and I really enjoy using them.  I never have to be concerned if they will stitch out nice or if I will have any problems.

Again, thank you.


Cherry Bruysschaard in Texas



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